Guide in Rome

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Practical tips


Public Transportation

One very cheap ticket or transport card allows you to use almost all means of public transport in Rome with the exception of taxis and airport transport. Buses, subway trains, trams (streetcars), and light rail are operated by the same company called ATAC. You can hop on any of their transport using the same ticket.

There are numerous kinds of ticket available:

  • 100 minutes. Probably the best value for money for individual trips, this gives you just over 1 and a half hours to use ANY means of transport mentioned above (although it only allows one ride on the Metro), for the price of €1.50. 
  • Day ticket. Not recommended. It costs €7 and expires at midnight of the day you buy it. It’s only good value if you take at least five journeys more than 100 minutes apart, which is probably unlikely.
  • 48 hour. €12.50. Also poor value: see ‘day ticket’ above.
  • 72 hour. Again, a false economy. If you need transport for three days and are sightseeing too then it’s probably worth considering a Roma Pass instead.
  • Weekly ticket. Bad value: the price of €24 means you need to make 16 journeys in seven days in order to break even. It expires at midnight on the seventh day, so unless you buy one early in the morning you are automatically cheated out of half a day.




Some of the more popular coffees that you will see ordered in Italy.

Espresso: known a Caffè in Italy, served in a 3 oz or demitasse cup. Strong in taste with a rich bronze froth known as a crema on top.

Doppio: Simply a double espresso.

Ristretto: More concentrated than a regular espresso that is made with less water.

Lungo: An Espresso made with more water – opposite of a Ristretto.

Caffè Americano: A shot of Espresso to which is added some hot water.

Cappuccino: Espresso with foamed milk and containing equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. In Italy it is usually a breakfast drink!

Caffe’ latte: Espresso made with more milk than a cappuccino but only a small amount of foam. In Italy it is usually a breakfast drink!